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Happy Halloween!

We have added so many stuff and hope you enjoy it!

There are now two new quests that will only be able to be done until the 14th of November & new cosmetics!


There are also now cookies that when eaten will give you a random potion effect! They will appear in all chests when its refills and only middle chests at the start of the game!


We've also made small updates in the mean time such...

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Hello everyone,


The team are very excited to announce our one year anniversary. It has been one year since the original release and so much has changed! To celebrate the first 3 people to write a thank you message in both discord and forums will receive a custom cosmetic (TBD). We will also he hosting a huge rank sale & a rank giveaway! We will also do more stuff, read to find out!


▶Store Sale + The New Rank!

We will be hosting a 40% o...

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Heyo Ranked Network, it is I, Reddy!

With the release of practice we've noticed alot of bugs that we have overlooked, knowning this we disabled practice and started fixing those bugs. And after a couple of weeks it's finished.

We've added a few features to practice, including:

Chest practice settings
You can now change how you wanna practice. There are currently only 2 options available, which you can acccess using the /settings command!

Chest size:

  • Single - 27 slots
  • Double - 54 slots

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Hey there Ranked Network!

Our dev team has been hard at work implementing new features to make your experience better! Here are the big ones to note in the latest update:



We've been actively developing and testing new content for our guild system. This latest update adds new BungeeCord improvements, allowing guild members to chat with their guildmates throughout the network, and gives guild owners the ability to manage guilds on any server; not just the main lobby. Our new guild system also includes Guild Tag Colors...

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about 1 year ago

Hello everyone!

Here is a sneak peak at some of the Ranked Skywars maps in the Map Rotation!



Thank you to our builders for designing such wonderful maps!

Leave your feedback below :D

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