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Today I will be showing you your way around the forums. I have provided the main links that you will need on the forums.


Forums: Click Here!

Rules: Click Here! (In Forums)

Store: Click Here!

Appeal a ban: Click Here!

Guide to Appeal a ban: Click Here!



Hopefully, that will help you around the forums!

Here are some questions that have been asked by previous members.

How do I create a Forum Post?

Good Question,

Click on any forum topic, on the top right there is a blue button titled "New Post" click that then write what you desire. 


Any other questions?

Leave it down below, I will be interested and will add it here


Staying safe on forums

Here is how you can stay safe on forums.

Choose a strong password, usually these are:

-8 characters long

-Contain atleast 1 letter

-Capitals, try not to put them next to each other though

-Symbol, this could be from a full stop to special characters


Forgot Password?

Please log in and click forgot password. An email should be sent and you need to click that. If you forgot your email too check below

Forgot Email?

Email is a vital piece of information to sign up, if you dont use your username. If you forget your email contact us through a discord support ticket and we will tell you what the email was and you can then reset the password.

You will need evidence to prove you are the owner.

In other cases you may contact the support team at mc.minilofe.net/contact/

The response will be slower though




Thanks for your time hope this helped,

The team.


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Great, thanks for helping


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nice one!

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12 months ago


not the best...but not the worst