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Minilofe #1 Golden Player
68 posts
14 topics
7 months ago

Do you prefer hypixel, our maps or both. 


Personally I like it to be like 80% hypixel, 20% ours. 

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Frqsttt Default
8 posts
2 topics
7 months ago

hypixel 90% , 10% ours

mekmekmekmekmekm Default
5 posts
2 topics
7 months ago

Palace is mid, rest is good, imo

LaramieHimself Default
7 posts
1 topics
7 months ago

The custom maps are really cool, but hypixel maps will always be special to me cause I’ve played with them for many many years

L1uk Moderator
143 posts
24 topics
Discord: L1uk#4279
7 months ago

I personally am more used to the hypixel maps but ngl your maps arent terrible (except for palace haha)

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not the best...but not the worst